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Berkeley Taqueria Boosts Sales with Bay Area Marketing Consultancy: A Case Study

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Unlock the secrets of successful brand repositioning with Las Cabanas Mexican Grill & Taqueria's case study

Step 1: Diving into our clients business with our Brand Audit

At Studio Siete Marketing Consultancy LLC, we understand the importance of standing out in a competitive market. That's why we were excited to take on the challenge of repositioning Las Cabanas Mexican Grill & Taqueria as the premier authentic Mexican restaurant in Berkeley.

Las Cabañas Mexican Grill & Taqueria Logo Engraved On New Furniture
Las Cabañas Mexican Grill & Taqueria Logo Engraved On New Furniture made in Mexico

We began our services with our essential brand audit, which included a deep-dive into Berkeley's busy Mexican restaurant scene. Here we analyzed where we stand in comparison to main competitors. We also analyzed key performance indicators such as social media interaction data, sales data from online ordering channels, and in-store dining. Our Brand Audit concluded with a detailed marketing strategy, but most importantly the problems we were trying to solve:

list of marketing problems for client
Screenshot from one of our Brand Audit slides illustrating some of the problems we discovered with Las Cabañas Mexican Grill & Taqueria

Step 2: Fixing The Brand with STP Model

To solve these problems, we utilized the STP (segmentation, targeting, and positioning) model and a variety of promotional strategies. First, we segmented the market and identified two key groups: college students and foodies living in the East Bay. We then created targeted promotions for each group, such as Quesabirria Wednesday, online ordering app promotions, and $1 Al-Pastor tacos for our grand reopening event . These promotions were designed to appeal to the specific needs and wants of each target group.

Flyer for Las Cabañas Mexican Grill & Taqueria Reopening Event
Flyer design for our successful reopening event where we sold 1,300 tacos in one day

Next, we worked with Las Cabanas to develop a new positioning statement that would accurately reflect their unique offering and appeal to our target market. The statement we developed was:

"Las Cabanas Mexican Grill is the most authentic family-owned Mexican restaurant from Chiapas Mexico, offering traditional dishes and a family-friendly atmosphere in Berkeley, California." This statement was then incorporated into all of the restaurant's marketing materials, from social media to in-store signage.

In addition to the STP strategy and promotional efforts, we also assisted Las Cabanas with an in-store experience remodel. Our aim was to create a welcoming atmosphere that would appeal to both college students and foodies, and help them to stand out in the competitive Berkeley food scene.

Mural of Berkeley, California
Our interior remodeling included a new mural, furniture, and other details like plants and frames of Chiapas, Mexico

Our efforts paid off. After implementing the STP strategy and promotional efforts, Las Cabanas saw a 30% increase in sales, and their Instagram account reached 136% more people. The restaurant was even referred to as having "the best authentic Mexican food in Berkeley" by the Daily Californian. Additionally, we helped them to triple the amount of reviews on Yelp and Google, which further improved their online reputation.

Yelp Review for Las Cabañas Mexican Grill & Taqueria
Yelp Review for Las Cabañas Mexican Grill & Taqueria

In conclusion, the STP model and targeted promotions, coupled with an in-store experience remodel, helped us successfully reposition Las Cabanas Mexican Grill as the go-to destination for authentic Mexican cuisine in Berkeley. The results were clear, with an increase in sales, reach, and online reputation.


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